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Module 2 Creating Healthy Relationships

In this interactive and informative workshop you will learn:

  • How to recognize Attachment Patterns in Adults and the dynamics they bring to all personal relationships including intimate partners, family and friends.
  • Powerful antidotal strategies for intercepting these dynamics to help us regain access to our original biological design for secure attachment
  • Keys for growing up the inner child and increase the ability to access the resources and wisdom of the adult self
  • Chart new personal territory with awareness, and presence, unburdened by pesky patterns from the past
  • Learn practical use of the work for professional application and
  • personal healing
  • Interplay of men and women's gender roles and expectations in adults relationships
  • Releasing the fear of abandonment and understand the enjoyment of aloneness as well as connection

This material builds on the fundamentals of Healing Attachment Wounds Module One to take a deeper look at how these dynamics play out in daily life.

We will explore how the three different Attachment Disruptions may intrude and create suffering in one’s adult relationships, with our partners, parents, children and friends.

I have created an array of exercises that will help you get a felt sense of how these dynamics can be transcended, leading to greater freedom and intimacy in all adult relationships. You will also learn specific strategies to support and nourish the original human design for secure healthy attachment for all the Attachment Disruptions.

You will come away with:

  • A deeper understanding of these dynamics,
  • Knowing how these dynamics can be transformed
  • More skills to serve your clients and your own growth
  • Specific examples of how techniques are applied to relationship styles
  • An assessment tool for determining client Attachment Styles

This workshop is a blend of didactic presentation, demonstrations and experiential exercises. You will gain a clear understanding the practical application of Somatic Experiencing® principles, techniques and Corrective Experiences to alleviate stuck attachment patterns. As you explore this material and your own attachment history, you will discover how to help your clients heal this important part of our human journey.

The skills, knowledge and experiential learning presented in the workshops on Attachment Styles fundamentals are a seamless blend of Somatic Experiencing® and cutting edge techniques for healing Attachment wounds. This dynamic, interactive workshop offers essential skills for addressing relational dynamics that are universal.

*Mod. 1 is the Prerequisite for Modules 2, 3 and 4

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